Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012

The Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012 was passed in NSW Parliament on 23 October 2012. The Amendment Act makes several changes to the Swimming Pools Act 1992, including introducing the following new requirements: 1. Private swimming pool owners must register their swimming pools with council by providing prescribed “registration information” to be entered on a Register of Swimming Pools. This requirement will come into force on 23 April 2013. 2. Local councils must develop and adopt a program for the initial and subsequent periodic inspection of swimming pools for the issue of certificates of compliance. Councils must have their inspection programs in place by 23 October 2013. 3. The Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulation 2010 and the Residential Tenancies Regulation 2010 have been amended to require that a valid certificate of compliance be attached the Contract for Sale of Land and provided to residential tenants. These provisions come into force on 23 April 2014.